Learn How To Prepare Your Son For His First Trip To The Barber Shop

11 August 2016
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Going to the barber for the first time can be a bit overwhelming for a little boy. There are often lots of men around which can seem a bit intimidating and equipment that they have never seen before which can also be somewhat scary for a child. If you plan to take your child to the barber for the first time, use the guide below to learn how to properly prepare him for the experience.

Show Him Pictures of a Barber Shop

The first thing you should do is show your child pictures of what the barber shop looks like inside. This allows him to get an idea of what he can expect when he goes to the barber shop. Look for videos that show how the chair lifts up and down and swivels so that he will not be scared with the barber lifts or turns his chair.

Let Him Pick a Style Beforehand

It can be tempting to pick your child's hairstyle for him, but it is a way for him to assert his independence and show his unique personality if he is allowed to choose his hairstyle on his own. Show him pictures of different hairstyles that are done with hair that is similar to the texture of his hair. A child who has hair that is very straight will not be able to get the same look as a child that has very curly hair or vice versa. Showing him options that are ideal for his specific hair type will make achieving the look he wants easier.

Explain to Him the Process of Getting His Hair Cut

Take the time to talk to your child about what will happen when he goes to get his hair cut. Let him know that he needs to sit still in order for the haircut to be done properly. He needs to know that the barber will have a lot of hair to cut that day and that your child needs to be able to be patient so that the barber can do his job as quickly and as well as he possibly can.

When you go to take your child to the barber shop, arrive a little bit early so that he can see what goes on in the shop. Bring a tablet or handheld gaming device for him to use while his hair is being styled so that he stays as still as he possibly can during the appointment. The barber will have a small booster seat for your child to sit on so that he is the perfect height for the barber to cut his hair.