Why Going To Makeup School Is A Good Idea

7 September 2016
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Do your friends ask you to do their makeup for special occasions because you are so good at it? Rather than doing makeup free of charge, it might be time for you to consider going to school for professional training. Earning a certification in doing professional makeup will open up the doors to a lot of opportunities. Take a look at this article to gain more insight on some of the opportunities you can possibly venture into as a professional makeup artist.

1. Perfect Your Skills

Although you are already good at doing makeup, there are numerous things that you can learn by enrolling in school. You will learn about the latest trends, as well as how to apply makeup in a more dramatic way. You must keep in mind that there is much more to a professional makeup career than beautifying clients. For instance, you will learn how to apply makeup to make a client's face have special effects, such as look as though it is bruised. You will also learn how to create different looks in a timely manner.

2. Start Your Own Business

After you have been certified as a makeup artist, you will be able to start your own business. Although you can do clients' makeup without a certification, you can possibly put yourself at risk for legal trouble. Your state laws might require that you hold a certification to run a makeup business. Running your own makeup business will give you the opportunity to create your own schedule, and even hire other makeup artists.

3. Build a Portfolio as You Learn

As you progress in makeup school, you will begin doing people's makeup. Usually colleges will allow people to come in and get their makeup done at a discount. The discount is due to the clients basically allowing students to put their skills to use as they learn. You can get the contact information of the clients you help during school and start building your portfolio as a professional makeup artist.

4. Work in the Film Industry

If make top dollars for your skills, having a certification will give you the chance to work in the film industry. You can start in small independent films and work your way up to feature films. You can build a reputation as a celebrity makeup artist, which will pay a lot higher than what you will make from standard clients. Visit a makeup school, like Film Makeup Academy, and get started on earning your certification as soon as you are ready.