Smart Methods For Getting Job Experience As An Electrician In Training

29 June 2017
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Unlike other skilled professions, you don't need to attend a college in order to become a licensed electrician. Instead, electrician certification entails attending courses that have been specifically designed to help novices understand the principles of electrical systems in residential and commercial settings, safety protocols, and the history of electrical engineering, among others. Certification is necessary for becoming a licensed electrician, with licensing boards requiring different amounts of training hours depending on state of residence. Since you will be spending a lot of time working hands on in the electrician trade you have several training opportunities lined up so that you education can continue after completing all of your coursework. Review these electrician certification training options so that you are aware of the most practical ways to gain experience in the field.

Become An Electrician Apprentice

Skilled electricians can always use a bit of assistance while they are at work. If you already know a licensed electrician it wouldn't be out of the question to see if you could take up an apprenticeship. Many apprenticeships are paid although you won't be earning as much as a licensed electrician. If you put in full-time hours you can obtain your electrician certification a lot faster and perhaps have the chance to transition into a permanent role that comes with a benefits package.

Work As A Helper To An Electrician

As a helper you won't be able to accept electrical repair or installation jobs on your own but you will be expected to take on more responsibilities. The electricians that you work under as a helper will test your knowledge and problem solving capabilities as they only way that you can learn is to tackle real-life electrical system issues. Electrician's helpers can be hired to work at small companies, at hospitals or even contract with government agencies. Working as an electrician helper is considered the last step in electrician certification training. 

Coordinate Work Opportunities With Your Electrical Trade School

While attending a trade school to become an electrician you can also find out what hands on training opportunities there are available for students. You will likely find out that there are specific companies that will hire you on as an electrician helper or offer you an apprenticeship so that you can complete all of your requirements. Determine whether you prefer to work within commercial settings or excel at resolving residential electrical issues as you work under the guidance of a licensed electrician and get closer to becoming certified.